Einstein Associates, LLC acquires Intelliworks, LLC (News Release)

A message from the CEO, Chiat Koo Lim:

Until December 2022, the Innovo brand has been owned and operated by Intelliworks, LLC. Intelliworks, LLC has been acquired by Einstein Associates, LLC., effective as of January 1, 2023. As such, all operations, employees, UPCs, intellectual properties, etc., are now wholly-owned by Einstein Associates, LLC.

All warranty claims, customer questions and concerns, product sales, product feedback inquiries, etc,. are now managed by Einstein Associates, LLC.

This letter officially confirms that as the new owner of the IP, the e-Commerce seller/distributor/supplier “Beyond Med Shop” / "US - Einstein Associates, LLC", owned, operated and managed by Einstein Associates, LLC is allowed to sell and distribute Innovo branded products.

Customer Service
Customer Service