24-Hour Data Recording & Analysis

Smart & advanced technology allows for real time, continuous monitoring of SpO2 and Pulse rate during sleep and aviation


Product Features

New and improved probe that measures your SpO2 and PR with extreme precision

Superior 256k color OLED screen with rotational display

Synchronous display on the oximeter and computer

Powerful 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium battery

Free advanced software (SpO2 Assistant) to upload and analyze up to 24 hours of data at a time

Built in auditory and visual alarm that will warn you if your SpO2 is beyond set limits.

Plethysmograph to measure blood flow.

Takes 5 readings per sec to ensure that any lowering of SpO2 level is being recorded.

Charges when connected to a computer or to the power supply via the provided power adaptor.


Part Number: CMS50FPLUS
UPC CODE: 091131218020

CMS 50F Plus Wrist Oximeter. Record data, generate reports, download data.



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1. Install the SpO2 Assistant program on your computer 1. Install the SpO2 Assistant program on your computer
2. Turn on the pulse oximeter 2. Turn on the pulse oximeter
3. Connect the device to the computer via the USB cable. 3. Make sure you set the "wireless" option on the menu to "on".
4. Follow the instructions according to the video below (Non-Bluetooth) 4. Follow the instructions according to the video below (Bluetooth)
5. Analyze your results according to your needs. You can review past results via File -> Open 5. If you cannot see “wireless” being detected by the SpO2 assistant, then your laptop/PC does not have Bluetooth capability.
6. If so, please connect the 50FW via the USB cable (as shown on the left of this video)

Technical Support

The finger should remain stationary while inside the probe. Not suitable for continuous monitoring of SpO2 levels if the body is not stationary. Does not work with Sleepyhead and is not compatible with Mac. Mac must run Windows via bootcamp to use the provided software. The face of the watch is 2.25 by 2.25 inches and might be considered bulky for a petite user. The bluetooth does not connect the device to your smartphone or tablet.


How do I delete data from the Device?
  1. Set Record to off on the pulse oximeter.
  2. Start another recording session. This will remove the original file.
Can you please send me a link to download the SpO2 Assistant Program?

Continue here

What types of reports can the SpO2 Assistant generate?
Full Study Report, Summary Report, Strip Chart Report, Oximetry Report 
Can I connect the pulse oximeter to the PC via "Add a bluetooth device"?

No. That will NOT work. You are supposed to connect the pulse oximeter to the PC via the SpO2 Assistant program (see above video for instructions)

May I have a soft copy of the SpO2 Assistant user manual and the 50F user manual?

Continue here for the SpO2 Assistant User Manual, User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the finger attachment look like? Can data be loaded to computer?

The probe is an adult silicon probe that fits your finger snugly but not too tightly to impede blood flow. Data can certainly be upload to the computer and analyzed. If you want, you can also print out the result so that you can analyze it with somebody.

Will the software work with Windows 8?

Yes. The software will work with Windows 8 or any windows software including the latest, windows 10. The unit, however, will not be compatible with a MAC unless windows is already installed on the MAC using Bootcamp.

Can I measure my SpO2 levels from my wrist?

Please note that 50F comes with a SnugFit Probe. When you connect the probe to the oximeter via the USB port at the side of the device, you will be able to measure both your SpO2 level and heart rate.

Is the probe purchasable or sold separately (for constant monitoring use)?

Yes. Continue here to purchase the probe.

Can the data be exported to excel or in .csv format?

At the moment, the data cannot be exported to any other formats.

Is this unit certified by the FDA?

Yes, it certainly is.

Where does this ship from and how long would it take to get it?

The unit ships from our warehouses in Texas and/or Pennsylvania. It takes 3-5 business days if you choose standard (free) shipping. If you choose expedited shipping, the item will arrive in 1-2 days.

Does Bluetooth work with SleepyHead SW on iPhone/iPad or any other app?

Please note that the 50F comes with the SpO2 Assistant software that enables you to upload and analyze up to 24 hours of data at a time. It is Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista Compatible. It does not sync data to the smart phones, tablets or any apps.

Can only be downloaded to PC. Will not work on Smartphones. If you buy the Bluetooth version, your laptop/PC must be capable of Bluetooth transmission.

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