Innovo® Replacement Gel Pads for iSoothe Electronic Pulse Massager (Up to 20 - 30 Uses)

What Are The Gel Pads For?
When used with the iSoothe Pulse Massager, these Gel Pads provide pain relief for a number of different pain conditions associated with exercise, daily work and household activities. Package contains replacement Gel Pads for iSoothe Electronic Pulse Massager. The Gel Pads are sold separately from the iSoothe unit. These pads have an attached protective blue plastic film to increase durability and longevity when not in use. 
Are These Compatible With Other Units?
The Gel Pads are specifically designed to fit and function properly with the Innovo iSoothe Pulse Massager/TENS unit. We cannot guarantee that the pads will work with another electro-therapy massager unit.

Quick Look at Features

  • FDA OTC APPROVED - iSoothe is FDA approved for OTC use at home as a drug-free alternative to relieve arthritic, muscular, joint and lower back pain. Uses TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) that has been clinically proven to be safe and effective in relieving pain.
  • POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE PROGRAM - Choose from 15 intensity levels and 5 programmed therapeutic modes that include Scraping, Massage, Tapping, Acupuncture and Combo. 20 minutes is all you need.
  • WIRELESS, ULTRA-THIN & LIGHTWEIGHT- Wireless and sleek design allow users to move freely without bulky wires and remote. Discreet under clothing. Suitable for use at home, work or on-the-go.
  • RECHARGEABLE & EASY TO USE - iSoothe is the first and only rechargeable TENS device. Stop wasting money on batteries replacement every few days. Easy to charge and use. Simple 2-button mode and intensity control.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Due to the influx of fake Innovo® products, please note that the warranty is void if the item is not purchased from Innovo Medical.

Details and Notes

The iSoothe electronic pulse massager has been clinically proven to be an effective, non-invasive and drug-free method to help people manage nerve related pain conditions. It is portable, rechargeable, and wireless, making it suitable for home, work or travel.

Despite its size, the iSoothe is capable of delivering a powerful and effective electrotherapy pain relief with 20 minutes treatment session. Designed to fit every lifestyle, the wireless and flexible design contours to most body parts and can be used on the shoulder, hands, limbs, muscle, joints and lower back.

iSoothe is easy to use - with 2-button control to change between modes and intensity levels. Users may choose from the four therapeutic modes or the one pre-set combination program that delivers alternating therapy. With 15 levels of adjustable intensity, finding a comfortable level of relief is easy. iSoothe can be recharged using a USB cable connected to a wall charger or a computer.

FDA cleared for OTC use (no prescription required).

Package Includes the Following:

5pcs of reusable gel pads 

User Questions

This sent electronic pulses to my skin, but it felt like I was receiving electroshock therapy. My skin was very red afterwards and stung. This was neither relaxing nor comfortable. What are my options?

Like all TENS unit in the market, iSoothe works by sending painless electrical pulses through the skin around the pain area. So instead of feeling pain, it sends a tingling signal to your brain, thus effectively reducing pain from the source. In this case, the iSoothe may not work as a “relaxing or comfortable treatment” for some (unlike a massager). The device is really designed for managing chronic pain, therefore it promises pain relief rather than comfort. In fact for some first time users, they may require some time to get accustomed to the tingling sensation from the electrical pulses produced.

Can you adjust the power of the pulses to levels that aren’t as intense?

The iSoothe offers 5 different modes and each has its level of intensity. The `Scraping' mode at the lowest level of intensity for example is rather mild while the 'Acupuncture' mode at the lowest setting can still be quite a shock. You should select the mode that best suits your needs. If you feel increase soreness or pain when using the product, or if your muscles start to twitch, this means that the selected mode/intensity is too strong for you. Stop using immediately and switch to a lesser mode.

My skin got really irritated after use. It was very red afterwards. What should I do?

To decrease the chance of skin irritation, please ensure that you follow the necessary steps to prep your skin (as per user manual) prior to using the product. Cleaning your skin will help the pads stick and appropriately disperse the current in the area underneath the pads, decreasing your risk of skin irritation. Do not use alcohol to clean your skin as it will dry your skin and cause irritation. Periodically changing the position of iSoothe will also help protect your skin. After treatment, you may also use an aloe vera gel or pre or post TENS lotion (available in the market) on your skin to help with sensitivity. You should limit your use of iSoothe to 20 minutes per treatment area. For extended use, always check your skin under the electrodes for redness or tenderness. You may need to use a different type of pad, contact gel or tape if problem persist. Please contact our customer service team for further information.

The adhesive pad doesn't stay on the skin very well. What’s going on?

The following are common reasons why the electrodes may not stick:

(1) Skin not properly cleaned (Presence of skin debris, lotion, oil etc)

(2) Excess hair on treatment area,

(3) Skin debris on electrodes,

(4) Dried out adhesive on electrodes, and

(5) Too much water (over saturation) of adhesive on electrodes.

To ensure the adhesiveness of iSoothe on your skin, it is important to take note of the following

(1) Prep your skin before using iSoothe (refer to manual)

(2) Check your electrodes, ensure they are clean

(3) Cleaning your electrodes (please refer to our cleaning guide)

(4) Return electrodes to original liner after use, store electrodes in cool, dry place.

I found that it kept turning off after a few minutes even if I held the device in place. Is this intentional?

It is important to ensure that that the electrode gel pads are in full contact with the skin. The device automatically turns off if it is not in proper contact with the skin. Proper care of the electrode gel pads and prepping of the skin area are important in ensuring the adhesiveness of the iSoothe on your skin and this in turn will ensure that the device works.

How often do I need to replace the gel pads?

The life of an electrode gel pads vary according to skin condition and care, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage and climate. Your gel pads will need to be replaced when you notice any change in effectiveness of your unit or any change in the way the stimulation feels. Proper care of your electrodes will extend the life of your electrodes for up to 20 – 30 uses.

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