Extended Warranty Registration

In order to provide you with the best service possible, please submit correct/factual information including a copy of your order receipt or order confirmation. You must submit both your receipt and the extended warranty registration form to receive extended warranty on your product.

Acceptable Receipt Submissions (any of these will work):

  1. Screenshot/Print-screen of your receipt (mobile or desktop).
  2. Word Document of your receipt.
  3. .PDF file of your receipt.
  4. Any other document showing proof of purchase.

Unacceptable Receipt Submissions:

  1. Image of the product.
  2. Image of the box.
  3. Blank Documents.
  4. Any document that does not show proof of purchase.

Once you submit the form, a confirmation email will be sent to you to keep for your records. Extended product warranty will be honored as long as the product registration submissions are made within 3 months of purchase.

Please attach and submit your receipt (Step 1) before proceeding to the Product Registration Form (Step 2).

STEP 1 - Attach and Submit Your Receipt

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STEP 2 - Complete and Submit the Form

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