The Innovo iE100A Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to obtain accurate temperature measurements. Instant results are obtained within one second. Its brightly-lit LED screen makes reading easy, even in the dark. The smart fever indicator allows quick visual identification when having a fever. You may also switch between ear mode or surface mode for different measurements. The thermometer is packed with user friendly features such as: Celcius and Farenheit readings, memory recall, object and ear mode and a sound (on and off) functionality. Innovo, your trusted choice for accuracy.

A sleeping child with the Innovo thermometer used on her ear
A family of four smiling. The thermometer's ear covers prevent cross contamination
The Innovo ear thermometer takes the temperature of a baby bottle
Two senior citizens smiling. Shows the memory recall feature of the thermometer
The thermometer is trusted by doctors and pediatricians

Features in a Nutshell 

Features of the Innovo Ear Thermometer

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