Ear Thermometer For All Ages

Get your readings instantaneously with the push of a button. No start up, no waiting, just results when they are needed most!

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Quick Look at Features

ACCURATE AND RELIABLE - Clinically tested and proven to be reliable and accurate. Uses the latest infrared technology to detect and differentiate temperature differences of up to 0.01 °F. Get hospital grade accuracy right in the palm of your hand!

DISPOSABLE EAR PROBES TO PREVENT CROSS CONTAMINATION – Clean, hygienic and professional disposable ear probes for use in doctors’ offices, hospitals and daycare centers to shield adults, children, babies and nurses from cross-contamination. Comes with free pack of 20 filter probes.

SMART FEVER INDICATOR – Comes with both visual and audible alarms. Red warning light and sounds will automatically trigger for any measurement of 99.5°F or higher.

MEMORY RECALL FEATURE– Memory Mode automatically stores up to 30 readings. Perfect for tracking changes in temperature and recalling stored data.

INSTANT RESULTS - Get readings instantaneously with the push of a button. No start up, no waiting, just results when they are needed most! No more sticking thermometer into your mouth and waiting ages to take a reading! Perfect for use for those with restless kids.

Smart Color Coding

Smart color-coded Fever alert makes it easy to determine if the patient is having a fever. Blue light means a normal temperature while red light indicates a fever.

Ear and Surface Thermometer

Keep your home and family safe! You can't afford to be without the Innovo one touch ear and surface thermometer. Take accurate temperature of seniors, adults, children, toddlers and infants with the push of a button. Easy to read, fever monitor alerts when there is a fever. Digital readout makes reading temperature easy and quick. Take the thermometer and disposable ear probes with you on the go with included carrying case. Never leave home without it! Keep your family safe with the same technology used by first responders, paramedics, hospitals and doctors around the world. Made for comfort, accuracy and peace of mind. Automatically covered by manufacture warranty starting from day of purchase! Use with confidence and support from the most recommended brand used by hospitals and home care professionals. Refills available for purchase.

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